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June 1, 2017


With customer expectations on the rise, and a majority of the workforce on the brink of retirement, the field service industry is constantly evolving. Companies are leveraging smarter technology, such as machine learning and predictive analytics, to automate processes such as scheduling. They’re focusing on recruiting new talent and engaging current employees. And as always, they’re looking for new ways to build customer loyalty.

There’s always more to learn in the field service industry. Luckily, the second half of the year is full of events dedicated to field service management, customer experience, technology, and employee engagement. Here are a few you might want to attend:

Saphila 2017

When: June 5 & 6
Where: Sun City Resort, South Africa

Saphila is a biennial conference for SAP users to connect, create, and collaborate. Network and share knowledge about innovations, implementations, and service delivery with your peers. You’ll have access to a world of first-class contacts and customers including CEOs, CIOs, and hundreds of potential customers and future business partners. Discover new products and see demos from a variety of exhibitors. While you’re there, attend presentations meant to inspire you to reimagine your own business, visit a wide range of tracks with relevant and valuable content, and network closely with others at breakout sessions. Topics include:

  • Internet of Things
  • Workforce Engagement
  • Customer Experience
  • Implementation & transformation approaches (readying yourself for the cloud)

Click here for more information and registration.

IDC: Customer Experience at the Core of Digital Transformation

When: July 6
Centre d’affaires Paris Arpège Trocadéro, Paris

If you can’t make it to the CIO Executive Roundtable, or just want to learn more about improving customer experience in the digital era, try this IDC event in Paris. Join this conference to discuss and learn how to solve common customer experience challenges, including delivering quick solutions, offering personalized experiences, and reaching customers on their preferred channel. You will learn:

  • How to set up an omnichannel strategy
  • How to take a customer-centric approach and generate customer trust
  • How to leverage machine learning and predictive approaches

Click here for more information and registration.

The Growing Importance of Field Service: An Executive Level Think Tank Session with Field Service News

When: July 12
The Gherkin, London

Field Service News and ClickSoftware are hosting an invite-only executive think tank. You’ll also have the chance to explore and share best practices with an exclusive group of C-level peers. Apply for a chance to discuss:

  • The growing importance of field operations
  • The challenge of increasing customer demands and expectations
  • Delivering outcome based solutions, and the benefits and challenges of adopting such approaches

Click here for more information and registration.

CIO Executive Roundtable with IDG

When: September 14
Where: NIO RUM, Stockholm, Sweden

Nothing’s more devastating to a brand than poor customer service. Customers today, no matter the industry, expect simple, seamless service experiences and real-time communication. Today, customer service and value have become competitive differentiators. Join this exclusive roundtable discussion hosted by ClickSoftware and IDG to discuss the future’s customer-driven service organizations. Learn how to create a successful field service organization that focuses on satisfied customers, and become best-in-class in service delivery. You’ll also learn how to:

  • Create motivated teams and productive service technicians
  • Turn your field technicians into brand ambassadors and gain loyal customers
  • Exceed customer satisfaction requirements at the lowest cost
  • Implement new cloud-based and algorithm-driven field service solutions

Click here for more information and registration.

Field Service Connect

When: November 13-15
Where: Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa, Texas

If you’re a senior service executive, you might be interested in Field Service Connect. This interactive forum provides opportunities to benchmark, share ideas, find solutions for your business, and build lasting relationships.

Topics include:

  • IoT
  • Data analytics
  • Future states of field service
  • Market trends
  • The talent crunch

Click here for more information and registration.

Field Service Europe 2017

When: November 29-December 1
Where: NH Collection, Amsterdam Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky

Field Service Europe is Europe’s leading service and support conference. You’ll be exposed to service leaders from some of the largest European manufacturers to small and medium sized business. Experience several sessions, networking, and interactive learning. It also features guest speakers and keynotes from top manufacturers and service organizations.

Topics include:

  • Driving service revenue and customer satisfaction
  • Leveraging Industry 4.0 and disruptive technologies to enhance service
  • Preparing your organization for the next generation of service and support

Click here for more information and registration.

Field Service Matters
By Field Service Matters

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